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By Nick Kafker

Meaning fear of the number 13...duh! On Tuesday night, the little red jerseys of the Bowerman Track Club thumped around Nike's well wooded track in Portland. In this forest (and Little Red Riding Hood metaphor), Woody Kincaid was the wolf. He kicked in the last 150 meters to run 12:58.10, becoming only the 8th American ever to break 13:00 for 5k.  

  • His 2017 and 2018 seasons we marred by stress fractures and a search for consistent, injury free training. He raced only a handful of times, but this year has been a return to form.
  • A performance like this can shock even the fittest runner: when asked at the finish line if he felt like he was in 12:58 shape going into the race, Woody responded, “I don’t know if I feel that I’m in 12:58 shape NOW.” 
  • He's got the Olympic Standard and a wildly strong kick, so 2020 could get pretty interesting with Woody Kincaid as one of the fastest men in the world.

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