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Patrick Sang, Kamworor's coach, likes long walks on the beach, coaching champions, and watching scientists argue. With so many great runners coming out of Kenya, it's interesting to highlight the man who writes many of their training programs. His philosophy emphasizes 3 principles.

  • Community: His athletes live and work together. They run in a pack. Every social construct of the team is designed to make light work with many hands. As one of his pupils puts it, "100% of me is nothing compared to 1% of the whole team." 
  • Volume: His athletes often run thrice a day and hammer 25 mile long runs. Take a look at one of Kipchoge's mammoth training weeks. Honestly, could you crush that many miles..even if you walked...even if you had a bike??  
  • Strength training: Sang notices that expert physiologists often disagree, but he loves to find topics where they are aligned and lean into those recommendations. The whole NN Runnin Team now performs recovery and strength training proactively as a group, and they've seen a large reduction in the number of injuries sustained across the team.

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