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Demolishing The Age Group. Jeannie Rice, a grandmother of 3, got into racing in the early 80s when she was in her mid 30s. Now she's 71 and owns the over 70 World Record in the Half and Full Marathon. 

  • The half marathon record had eluded her until this past weekend in Akron, when she hammered out 13.1 miles at 7:24 pace for a casual 1:37:07. 
  • Ice Cold Competitor. For the last few months, she had the world record time written on her fridge, but she's not going to take the sticky note down, "Now I can put up my own record time and I’ll go after that”
  • The only injury she sustained in her career came from falling off a bike. Some people are lucky! Read more about her speedy life and times here.

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