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Injured in spring > thriving in fall. This weekend, Sara Hall (@sarahall3) defended her USATF 20k Championship in Connecticut, winning the race by over 2 minutes 😳Sara is on the comeback trail after a string of injuries including peroneal tendonitis, which sidelined her this winter, and a sacroiliac joint injury, which forced her to miss the 2019 Boston Marathon. Thankfully, Sara is a fall down seven times, get up eight kind of girl.

  • Her hilarious tips for surviving cross training when injured include adopting children and avoiding "hipster indie music." If you're currently relegated to the bike or the elliptical, please read her recommendations. They're wildly funny and will make your healing process more bearable.
  • This 12.4 mile victory was just a warmup for her fall race season, which includes the Berlin Marathon on September 29th and the New York City Marathon on November 1st. Go get em, Sara.

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