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Rosie Ruiz Dies at 66

By Nick Kafker

Rosie Ruiz, the infamous marathon course cutter, died this past week. Rosie cheated in the 1980 Boston Marathon, but she wasn't good at cheating... so she accidentally came in first.

  • Ms. Ruiz jumped into the race with a half mile to go thinking she'd score herself a great time and some serious bragging rights amongst her colleagues. But, she was a little trigger happy and failed to ensure some of the elite women had passed before she snuck in.
  • Her not nearly sweaty enough victory interview raised many a sweaty eyebrow, and she was promptly disqualified. 
  • Even her death was called into question - A Boston Globe reporter, who for years attempted to shed some light on her bizzare life story, was too nervous to publish her obituary for fear of being duped again. 

So class, what have we learned?

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