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Cross body reach v1

Become injury proof and achieve your dreams through preventative strengthening. This exercise is called Single Leg Balance With Crossbody Reach and it comes with commentary from Dana, Recover Co-Founder and physical therapist. 

  • Dr. Dana's Notes - This exercise is particularly beneficial if you've ever been told you have a “flat foot” or overpronate. Arch pain is unfortunately a common issue in runners - impact forces start in the foot and translate up, causing problems throughout the lower body.
  • The Why: Having a strong posterior tibialis, or arch muscle, helps prevent overpronation and arch collapse from causing problems higher up the leg. When you have a strong arch, the other muscles in the lower leg don't have to compensate and you're able to run with better form.
  • The Try: Try out 2 sets of 15 reps on each side - You should feel stable as a rock afterwards! 🏰

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Tags: Injury Prevention