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How to do a Soleus Raise Gif

Become injury proof by addressing your weaknesses proactivelyThis exercise is called a Seated Soleus Raise. You can do it without even standing up, and it comes with commentary from Dana, Recover Co-Founder and physical therapist. 

  • Dr. Dana's Notes - The seated calf raise exercise is particularly beneficial if you are dealing with an Achilles’ tendon issue. This exercise works primarily on strengthening the soleus muscle which is part of a two-muscle complex that makes up your calf. 
  • The Why: Slowly lowering your heels during the exercise allows your body to remodel the Achilles’ tendon. This controlled lowering phase is called “eccentric” contraction of the calf muscle. It's the most difficult way for us to contract our muscles, but it realigns the injured tendon so that it is more functional as a unit. A stronger soleus muscle also improves our stride power as we push off when running. This is especially important for forefoot runners who need power throughout their whole running gait. 
  • The Try: Try out 3 sets of 15, and focus on slowly lowering your heels. If this feels like an area where you could use strength, incorporate this exercise 3 times per week on your easy days.

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