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Paloff press

Well, welcome to the club. Let's get through it together. This exercise is called a pallof press. You can do it while standing at a cable machine or with a resistance band. Nolan, Recover Co-Founder and physical therapist explains: 

  • Dr. Roth's Notes - The pallof press is particularly beneficial if you are dealing with low back pain. This exercise works primarily on strengthening the obliques and transverse abdominis, which are parts of what is typically described as your “core”. 
  • The Why: LET’S GET TECHNICAL - When we are running, we are constantly absorbing and redistributing forces from all directions. To the outside observer, running may seem to occur in a straight line, but there is much more going on. Each time we go from one leg to the other, there is a lot of rotational force occurring at our hips and trunk. If we are unable to create stability in our trunk, this excess rotation can lead to irritation in our low back over time. The pallof press is a great exercise to help us build resiliency to these rotational forces that we experience while running.
  • The Try: Try out 3 sets of 10 on each side, and focus on bracing your abdominals. Make sure to push the band straight out from your belly button and straight back. With your arms pressed out, it should feel challenging to keep your hips and torso forward. If this feels like an area where you could use strength, incorporate this exercise 3 times per week.

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