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Become injury proof by addressing your weaknesses proactivelyThis exercise is called a Banded Clamshell. You can do it while lying down. Nolan, Recover Co-Founder and physical therapist explains: 

  • Dr. Roth's Notes -The banded clamshell is particularly beneficial if you are dealing with lateral hip or knee pain. This exercise works primarily on strengthening the external rotators of the hip (the gluteus medius in particular), with some contribution coming from the gluteus maximus.
  • The Why: Keeping good alignment from the foot all the way to the hip is extremely important in preventing injuries. When we start to get abnormal motion occuring in our lower extremity, we begin to disperse force inappropriately. This is bad news. Having strong hips helps us stay rock solid on one leg and assists us in distributing force to the right places. This exercise is a great place to start for building sturdy hips. 
  • The Try: Try out 3 sets of 12, and focus on only bringing your top hip up as far as you can without rolling backwards. Keep your top hip rolled a bit forward to increase the burn. If this feels like an area where you could use strength, incorporate this exercise 3 times per week on both sides.

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