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News from The Racecourse

By Nick Kafker
  • #runforever - Zach Bitter SMOKED the 100 mile world record on a track in Wisconsin this past week. Average pace...6:48 per mile...for 11 hours and 19 minutes. He kept running for 40 more minutes to break his own 12 hour world record. 👀
  • Boston Strong - “We hope that this will help demarcate the sacredness of this spot and give people the opportunity to slow down when they’re here.” A memorial to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing was finished and installed on Boylston Street this past week.
  • Usain Bolt? Who's He? Noah Lyles took out one of The Boltster's meet records at the Diamond League in Paris on Saturday. It's only a matter of time before Noah dances his way into the Bolt Zone (sub 19.40) #HOTTAKE
  • Homemade hurdles -  Andrea Vargas took home Costa Rica's first ever Pan American Games Medal. She trains on a cement track in her hometown with hurdles she made out of PVC pipe, just passed the Costa Rican Bar exam, and will work full time as a lawyer...while training for The Olympics 👩‍⚖️

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