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Welcome to the 13th edition of The Heelstrike, Recover's weekly running, health, and injury prevention newsletter.

"All I see is signs all I see is dollar signs" - The USATF after Team USA crushes the World Champs


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What a Week of Racing

Agony, ecstasy, victory, defeat. Truly a special week in the running world. We can't cover everything (we wouldn't have space for the gif's), but here are some of the moments (so far) that made us want to drop what we were doing, exit real life, and pretend we're world class runners.


Brazier finish line

Donovan Brazier knocks down an Ancient American record, and becomes the first ever half mile world champion for the Red White and Blue. Johnny Gray, who's held the american 800m record for 34 years, must have tipped his cap after DB's runaway gold medal performance.  

Her Medal Streak Continues
Coburn Doha

Pressure either makes you or breaks you. Coburn PRs under pressure and delivers the medals. Consistently. This year's 3000m Steeplechase final was some exhilarating racing with Chepkoech opening hard and looking to avenge her little Apple Maps Error from 2017. Coburn, the great tactician, bided her time and began to reel Beatrice in - the the lead was just a bit too big, but Coburn ended up with a PR and a 🥈Pretty Pretty Pretty Good!

Roberta Groner - Real Human, Really Fast

groner celebration

She has 3 kids, a full time job, and ate the midnight start time and horrendous conditions like they were nothing. 6th place in the world! Roberta ran collegiately, but never professionally, and picked the sport back up at 30 after her first son turned 2. Since then, it's been a story of incremental improvement and squeezing 98 mile weeks into early morning and lunch runs.

  • More than 30% of the field failed to finish the race. Groner had some choice words about the conditions, but was tougher than the concrete roads they ran over.
  • How do you run well in 90° temperatures with 80% humidity? Read how Roberta hydrated to the bejeezus.
  • Her coach held up a mantra for her to repeat on each of 6 laps. Her favorite was " 'remember your whys' which meant remember your kids, family and friends and why you have put in all the hard work."

In Case You Missed It

  • NBC called the 5k final a "barnburner, I'd call it a rock fight.
  • Upset in the Women's 800m! Raevyn Rogers comes from nowhere for 🥈and Ajee Wilson fades to 🥉behind the flyin' Ugandan, Halimah Nakaayi.
  • Allyson Felix officially has more medals that Usain Bolt after Team USA's fun win (and easy world record) in the mixed 4x400
  • The Lyles Light Show continues with his first World Championship title. The coming season is titled, "The Next Bolt"



Bekele Misses it by That Much
bekele dissapointed

A dollar short and 2 seconds too late - Kenenisa Bekele, the 37 year old Ethiopian is the greatest 5k/10k runner of all time, and has run some stellar marathons. But, there has always been THE Kipchoge and his string of incredible performances standing in between Kenenisa and a Marathon World Record. This past week, in Berlin, the margin was even slimmer. 

  • He's been battling injury this season, and even claimed a nagging hamstring slowed him down during the race. 
  • "I am not lucky. I am very happy running my personal best. But I still can do this [the world record]. I don’t give up." 
  • When we saw the finishing time, we couldn't help but think of Ace Ventura and the slinky that stopped on the last step of the pyramid stairs.

ace ventura oh man


Short but interesting

  • Cheater Cheater EPO Eater - The unsurprising revelations that Nike Oregon Project Head Coach Alberto Salazar is a cheater and has been having athletes do PEDs with both hands for years have led to a 4 year ban. More to come surely, sadly.  
  • Who The Hell Is Van Landeghem? - Joan Benoit Samuelson (Recover's Patron Saint) got nipped in the over 60 category by 16 seconds. Who is this woman? And when did she become such a threat to our girl JBS?
  • YouTube vs. The Marathon  - Ineos has partnered with YouTube to stream their sub 2 hour marathon attempt free for everyone. Bookmark this link and get pumped for October 12th.


Thanks for reading! Enjoy your run. We'll see you next week,

The Recover Team

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