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I'm gunna run like Old Cowboy Joe. Joey Whelan was an injured D1 runner, then he was a ranch hand in Texas, now he's on the verge of the Olympic Team. After a taxing college running career, Whelan took some time to refresh, mentally and physically, then returned to the sport...re-debuting with a 2:25 marathon. Don't lose me, this story isn't about running 5:30 pace for two and a half hours, it's about injury prevention education! 

  • Joe suffered two stress fractures, which are a relatively common injuries for runners, but he's returned to form this year and banked a 2:13 PR, which ain't half slow.  
  • What Recover loves about Joey is that he is relentless. Joey didn't come back to the sport because he was a champion before. He came back because, in our sport, it's never too late to become a force - Cough Cough Billy Rae Cyrus. 
  • We want you to know the early signs of a stress fracture, train confidently, and stay injury free.

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