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I Don't Always Run 100 Miles

By Nick Kafker

But when I do, I prefer to win the damn race. 46 year old Magdalena Boulet (@runboulet) went wire to wire to win the Ultra of Ultras at the Leadville Trail 100 Run this past week. Of the grueling race, which involves over 15,000 feet of climbing, Mag B said, “For the most part, I just tried to keep the effort very manageable." Um...sure?  🙃  

  • Mag B is no stranger to success at even the "short" distance events. She's a 2:26 marathoner who represented the US at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
  • Boulet makes injury prevention part of every day. In 2007 a wicked case of plantar fasciitis almost ended her career, but "I got on a rehab routine that included active-isolated stretching, and it cured me," she says. "Now it's part of my maintenance routine. I do it for about 15 minutes twice a day." The Denver Post with an in-depth review of her victory in this absurd race.
  • What is active-isolated stretching?  Find out and maybe fix your feet.

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