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From Refugee to National Champion

By Nick Kafker

"Now I'm not just one of the Lost Boys, I'm an American" Your newest running hero, Lopez Lomong (@lopez_lomong9) was born in South Sudan during their brutal second civil war and had to flee his home country at age six, on foot. After 10 years in a refugee camp, he made it to the US where he took up distance running.

  • A 3:51 Miler and 2008 Olympic flag-bearer, Lopez has had plenty of success, but has been quiet for the last few years due to a string of injuries.   
  • To be healthy again: "When you are injury free, you can maximize your training...I'm doing a lot of gym work, I'm eating well, I'm sleeping well, just doing everything I can." Last year he won the 10k at USA's and this year he won both the 5k and 10k (video). Idk about you, but I'm a L.L. Superfan