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Falmouth Road Race 2019

By Nick Kafker

Meet me at the lighthouse. If you can swing it, get on your boots and come on down the cape for the weekend. The biggest running events in the country are all marathons, but The Falmouth Road Race is a diamond in the rough. You don't have to endure 26.2 harsh miles at Falmouth, just 7.3..or is it 7.1? 

A little about the race (It's Tomorrow)

  • Founded by Bartender and Runner, Tommy Leonard, whose dream was to convince legendary marathoner Frank Shorter to run in his beloved Falmouth. That only took a few years - now it's a world class race.  
  • Until 2006 everyone thought it was between 7.1 and 7.3 miles, but then they actually measured it, and figured out it was 7 on the dot. #DRAMA
  • Recover Will be there! Swing by our booth at the Heath and Fitness Expo. We'll be there Thursday > Saturday ready to talk running injury prevention! 

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