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At this year's Western States 100 Mile endurance run, Courtney Dauwalter, the current queen of American ultrarunning, started having some hip pain. After the equivalent of 3 marathons, she had to slow down, and then she had to withdraw from the race. A few MRI's and physical therapy appointments later, they determined that she had an ultra case of tendonitis. 

  • "My body was really out whack—just really unbalanced,” Dauwalter said. “Certain muscle groups had stopped working, others were overworked. I righted the ship and now I do maintenance stuff.” 
  • For Courtney, that means regularly incorporating proactive exercises, foam rolling, and stretching. 
  • Getting on the recovery bandwagon has put her back on top super fast. In June she was unable to run, but now she's out there winning the 106 mile Ultra Trail do Mont Blanc.
  • For a fuller picture of the attitude and dedication it takes to go couch to 176k in 3 months, read all about her recovery.

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